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PAYMENT TERMS: We guarantee uninterrupted service with no price increases during your membership. You can change your magazine selections at any time. So, you will receive your favorite, high quality magazines while maintaining the unique flexibility to switch and change your magazine selections without increasing your price. For your convenience, your monthly payment will appear each month on your credit card statement for the full term you have chosen, or if you have selected the annual one time payment package your one time payment will appear on your credit card statement. The number at the end of our descriptor is an additional number for our toll free Customer Service. Your Magazine membership will automatically renew upon its expiration at the current membership fee, with no increase, and it will be billed to your credit card account without you having to do anything further as long as you wish to remain a member.

IMPORTANT: All publishers have the right to cease publication, disallow distribution, or change terms at any time. In the event this happens we will supply you with a list of magazines of equal or greater value to make alternative selections. To change your selection or rescind your membership, simply log on to www.magazinesathome.com or call our helpful customer service department toll free at 1-877-652-2168. The delivery of your first issue depends on the publication frequency of the magazine you ordered. Generally, publishers ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for weekly magazines, and 6-8 weeks for monthly magazines, and up to 12 weeks for less-frequently published magazines. However, you can expect faster delivery of many of our top-selling magazines. If you have not received your first issue within the estimated time period, please contact our Customer Care.

Email at: customercare@magazinesathome.com (you can also use the contact us tab on our home page)

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